Master Linux with the Linux Lifetime Mastery Bundle

Many of the world’s mobile operating systems run on Linux, so Linux is a mobile platform you can’t ignore if you intend to have a career as a web developer and app creator, among other activities.

Have you been thinking about a career in web development or app creation? If so, it’s likely you’re overwhelmed with exactly how to start your career. Perhaps you’ve heard of Android but don’t know that Android is built on Linux, as well as Tizen, Ubuntu, and yes, even Google’s mobile ChromeOS for smartphones, tablets, and Chromebook computers (ChromeOS is built upon the Linux kernel. With that said, a number of mobile platforms all run on Linux, and the best developers and IT employees understand the significance of Linux. You can’t overlook it.

Today’s Deal of the Day concerns the Linux Lifetime Mastery Bundle. The Linux Lifetime Mastery Bundle includes four apps: 1) Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone with JavaScript, 2) Linux V7 Essentials, 3) Linux V7 System Administration, and 4) Fundamentals of Operating Systems.

This deal is different from other deals that require a price and that’s all. In this case, you can bet a set price, and the highest price gets you the bundle. The current bidding price is $20, but you can bet $21 and sit atop the leaderboard as well as enter a prize giveaway. You can also beat the average price and get all four apps. Or, you can pay what you want. We’ve covered the $19 Linux Power User Bundle, but you could pay less than this and still walk away with something useful.

The price bidding will end in six days, but with its fierce competition, you don’t want to wait. Head on over to the Deal of the Day link above and place your bid to pick up the Linux Lifetime Mastery Bundle.