Piecing together details for rumored HTC M7

    If you’re like us, then you were surprised yesterday when word of an HTC ‘M7’ smartphone leaked online. Seemingly arriving out of nowhere, the device will likely be the subject of much chatter over the next few months. What if we told you that the M7 details had started trickling online at least a week or two back?

    It’s likely that the M7 was able to stay somewhat hidden because of language barriers; most tech blogs reporting on the new HTC phone are in English. Nevertheless, there are a few specs that have already surfaced for the upcoming flagship device.

    HTC Source has done a great job piecing together the details for the M7, having learned that this will be a 5-inch display. Like the Droid DNA and J Butterfly, the screen should be true HD at 1920×1080 pixels.  Wrapped in a uni-body aluminum case, the M7 will boast a quad-core processor (Qualcomm APQ8064) and a 13-megapixel camera.

    As to when the M7 arrives, HTC Source advises that HTC will get this in consumer hands in Q1. The goal is to beat Samsung to the punch with the presumed Galaxy S4.  While this might go against HTC’s usual gameplan, it might be enough to get the company back on track.

    Consider this… We recently heard that the HTC Deluxe would not make its way to Europe. Maybe, just maybe, they are getting the M7 in the near term. A Q1 release would be close on the heels of the other 1080p stuff from HTC and could be exactly the type of device to release in unlocked capacities.

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