Poll: Are you thinking of switching to iPhone 5?

    As you all know by now, Apple is expected to announce the next generation of their iPhone smartphone tomorrow, September 12.  The rumors for this handset have been all over the place and the leaks seem to come by the minute.  That said, we’re pretty sure of what might be unveiled.  So, this got us to wondering…

    Knowing what you know now, and factoring in what you expect out of Apple, would you consider switching to the iPhone 5?  We’ve got a quick and dirty poll below with four options to choose from.  Don’t like what you see here?  Use the write-in option.  In fact, we encourage you to get loud – on either side of the argument.

    Once you leave your mark, head to the comment section and tell us why or why not.  Is it because Apple is going with a larger screen?  Or, maybe you are sticking around because Android is far too polished and advanced to consider making the jump.  Whatever the case, we wanna hear it.