This Endoscopic Android Camera will let you reach those hard-to-reach places

You always thought of your toothbrush as the only hard-to-reach instrument, but life sometimes requires magnification of the tiniest problems in the tiniest places – and endoscopic cameras do it better.

Today’s Deal of the Day is a tiny, 8.5mm Endoscopic Android Camera that’ll let you see in the smallest places. If you need to find out what’s clogging up a sink in the kitchen or bathroom, or find out why your car’s acting up by inspecting the engine, the Endoscopic Android Camera is that flexible assistant that can reach places you can’t.

Doctors use endoscopic cameras everyday to detect health issues in patients, so these devices already have real-life usage. Outside of using this Endoscopic Android Camera for engines and sinks, you can use the device’s 0.3MP camera with its maximum HD (1280 x 720p) image resolution to design small-scale security for your yard, home, or office. A free Google Play app for the camera allows you to view all your photos on your Android-powered smartphone or PC.

This endoscopic camera needs very little setup; just connect to your Android-powered smartphone by way of the 1-meter cable and you’re done. And its waterproof, adjustable camera head allows you to enter even the smallest aquatic environments, too. Not all endoscopic cameras have large sensors, but they still get the job done nonetheless.

The Endoscopic Android Camera carries a typical retail price of $49.99, but we’re offering it to our readers for $18.99, 62% off the original price.

To match the size of this Endoscopic Android Camera, the deadline for this deal is extremely small (5 days). Get this hard-to-reach camera before it eludes your grasp.