Will Amazon introduce a Kindle phone?

    As many of you know, Amazon has an event slated for today where we expect to see the successor to the Kindle Fire.  Given all the stars that have lined up as of late, anything less would be considered a severe let down.  But what if that was not all Amazon had up their sleeve?

    The guys at The Verge are reporting that Amazon has, in fact, been working on an Android 4.0-powered phone that runs on the same OS as the Kindle.  The handset is said to be incomplete at this time but it could still be part of the September 6 presentation.  Amazon has recently chosen Nokia for the mapping technology in their Kindle Fire so it stands to reason that it could be in a smartphone as well. There are no other details to share at this time however we are but hours from potentially learning more.

    What say you about a Kindle Phone? Do you like the idea of Amazon getting into the handset business?