Write for Us!


Are you passionate about Android, Chrome, smartwatches or other tech ? Do you find yourself constantly reading about the platform, playing with new apps, or buying new devices? AndroidGuys may have an entry-level blogging opportunity for you! We’re on the lookout for a couple of new writers and we’d love to consider you for a position.

If you’re interested in picking up some part time work, writing about your favorite apps, games, and devices, then read on!

Applicants will need to be knowledgeable about Android in general terms and have experience with the platform. More importantly, they must possess strong writing skills and have a sincere desire to blog on a part-time basis.


  • …be at least 16 years old
  • …be organized, motivated, and reliable
  • …be able to meet deadlines and adhere to schedule
  • …be able to take constructive criticism and advice
  • …be able to find news stories and collaborate on ideas
  • …have a strong grasp of English
  • …be able to contribute 5-10 posts per week at a minimum

It doesn’t hurt to…

  • …have  previous blogging experience
  • …have familiarity with WordPress
  • …own multiple Android devices
  • …have free time during the work day


We’re looking to expand our team here at AndroidGuys as well as our partner sites, ChromeWatching and SmarterWatching. We would like to pick up a handful of writers and interns for each our our brands; there are plenty of opportunities to be found!

Interns will typically work within our system for a few weeks, getting the feel of things, and learning whether this is something they want to do. Our culture allows for writers who have jobs, school, and other obligations. We’d like to see an average of 5-10 posts per week out of interns on a consistent basis before expanding roles.

More seasoned writers and those who can produce in excess of 10 posts per week may be able to join the paid ranks in a much quicker time frame. Depending on previous experience and abilities we may offer something immediately.

Available Positions

  • Supplemental News Team | 2 Positions Available: Candidate will help round out the general AndroidGuys news coverage with less time-sensitive posts. Topics are culled from a shared email account and published at an average of 5 per week. The nature of the articles allows for a more relaxed time frame; depending on topics it may be possible to work in bulk.
  • News & Rumors Team | 3 Positions Available: Staff member will be responsible for coverage of daily news, rumors, and other Android-related topics. Topics will come from a variety of sources including editors, other staff, email, and RSS feeds. These are much more time-sensitive in nature and need to be turned over quickly. Volume level should be an average of 10 posts per week or more.

How to Apply

Please take a few minutes to fill out the form below. We’ll do our best to dig through the applicants and reach out to as many people as possible. We apologize up front if we’re unable to respond to all requests. If you’re accepted, you’ll get an inside look at the Android space and learn how the tech blogging industry works. Your work will be shared with thousands of daily readers and articles will be read by millions around the world. We have a ton of fun here at AndroidGuys and would love to expand the team!