Write for us!

Are you looking to pick up a part-time job or test the waters of blogging? We might be able to help you out! We’re always expanding our staff and happy to field new candidates.

Are you passionate about Android apps and games? Do you have a deep knowledge of the mobile landscape? Can you articulate your opinion in written format? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

We offer competitive pay, reimbursement for app purchases or app licenses, and pride ourselves on the culture. It’s a fun environment where you can work at your own schedule, writing when the time fits your lifestyle.

Heads Up!

Applicants will need to be knowledgeable about Android in general terms and have experience with the platform. More importantly, they must possess strong writing skills and have a sincere desire to blog on a part-time basis.

Candidate must

  • Have a strong grasp of English
  • Be organized, motivated, and reliable
  • Be able to meet deadlines and adhere to schedules
  • Be able to take constructive criticism and advice
  • Be able to contribute an absolute minimum of two posts per week

Candidates will typically work within our system for a few weeks, getting the feel of things, and learning whether this is something they want to do. Our culture allows for writers who have jobs, school, and other obligations. As much as some candidates think they have the free time, it’s not uncommon to find that desire outweighs availability.

Depending on previous experience and abilities we may offer something immediately.

Current open positions

News Team

AndroidGuys is currently fielding applications for our news and rumor coverage. Candidates must be able to write industry-relevant news and rumors, and other related content in a timely manner.

While turnaround time from assignment to publication is a priority, quality of writing is equally important.

Topics will come from a variety of sources including editors, other staff, email, and RSS feeds. These are much more time-sensitive in nature and need to be turned over quickly. Goal volume level should be an average of 10 posts per week.

Do not use this form to suggest a sponsored post, guest contribution, or paid link.