10 Questions for Tonight’s Samsung and Google Event

Tonight’s the big night! It’s the one day each year where we get to see what Google has up its sleeves as to it pertains to a benchmark development device.  As many of you know, Samsung and Google have an event scheduled late tonight (10PM EST) where it’s expected we’ll see not only Ice Cream Sandwich unveiled, but the Galaxy Nexus handset.  With a shade over 12 hours until the curtain goes up, we thought we’d put together a few lingering questions.  You know, the stuff we hope to see answered directly (or indirectly) via the conference.

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  1. When will the Galaxy Nexus be available?
  2. Which carrier(s) will offer the handset?
  3. Are there multiple devices?
  4. Will the phone be unlocked?
  5. Does the handset feature a microSD card?
  6. Will there be a “Siri” mentioned or shown off?
  7. When will Ice Cream Sandwich roll out to additional devices?
  8. When will the full SDK be released?
  9. What accessories will utilize the docking pins?
  10. Why don’t we have one in our hands yet?

Your Turn!

What questions do you hope to see answered when this is all said and done?