$1,000 Bounty For Rooting Google TV, Installing Apps

The first Google TV device was launched exactly a month ago, but still nothing has been done to root it. Someone was really tired of the limitations of the platform and decided to give a $1,000 bounty to the first person who roots and installs third-party apps on the Google TV. Since it’s running Android, it seems to be quite easy at first glance, but it isn’t.

Before you send in a Photoshopped picture, there are a few rules. Take a look at them after the break.

Okay, are you ready? Here they come:

  • The Google TV device must be hacked before Google officially unveils third-party App development support for the Google TV.
  • The person must contact me via email and detail the procedure to hack either the Sony NSZ-1 Blue-Ray DVD Player with Google TV, or the Logitech Revue. I will verify the procedure on one of my devices.
  • For the Google TV to be considered rooted, the procedure must result in the end-user having the ability to install third-party apps.
  • The procedure must be applicable to production versions of Google TV devices.
  • The procedure should be doable using a software-only approach. Partial consideration ($500.00USD) will be given for other methods that involve hardware hacks to the Google TV. A hardware hack is one that involves opening up the Google TV device, including, but not limited to: Reprogramming via JTAG, serial console access, reprogramming FLASH memory chips using a FLASH programmer, etc.
  • The successful hacker should include a YouTube video of Better Terminal Emulator Pro running on the Google TV.
  • Payment will be made via PayPal

The “me” is the bounty-giving person. Nice guy, right?

Willing to give it a shot? You can find some very useful information at the source.

Source: Android Community