13 apps to mimic the Windows Phone Metro UI on your Android

So you really like the look of Windows Phone and the don’t-call-it-Metro tiles but aren’t in a hurry to give up Android.  What to do?  Dudes, that’s easy – download these apps and mimic the look on your phone or tablet.  We’ve put together a list of 13 Android apps designed to help you create the tile-like home screen experience.

Real Widget

Some of these are free, some are paid or donate versions, and some get even better with icon packs or additional themes.  Our advice to you is to download and install a few of these ingredients and create your own special recipes.

There’s a seemingly endless list of possibilities here, all of which should breathe fresh air into your Android.  And, yes, we know there’s a bunch of other titles out there that you might already be using.  If you’ve got one that you think readers out to know about, please leave a comment below!

Launcher 7

Android apps to mimic the Metro UI look: