5 fun things to do with your Instagram photos

So you’ve amassed yourself quite a collection of photos with clever filters and effects and now you want to show them off. Sure, you could hope for a ton of followers who like and admire them, but what about those who aren’t using Instagram? What to do? Print them out and hang ’em on your wall! Or make magnets out of them. Or do something else…like make money!

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of options at your disposal. We’ve collected five of our favorite ways to take your digital photos from Instagram to the real world.

Here they are, in no particular order:


Printstagram: Design a variety of keepsakes including a MemoryBox, calendar, square prints, framed prints, and more. Share the love and purchase a gift card for your friends and family and let them create their own masterpiece.


CanvasPop: Tons of options and products to choose from including a mosaic (9-200 photos), collage (3-20 photos), and other Instagram/Facebook photo printing. Got a really big wall that needs filled? Be sure to check out the diptych or triptych canvas print.  Gift cards are available; keep an eye out for discount codes!


Stickygram: Order a 9-pack of your Instagram photos for $14 and smack these 50mmx50mm magnets on your fridge or other metal items. Your pictures appear roughly the same size they do on your smartphone and are guaranteed to look great. Gift certificates available in multiple denominations.


Artflakes: Print out big (4″x4″) stickers of your Instagram pictures in quantities of 10, 25, or 50 and slap them everywhere. Vinyl and fully removable, you can spruce up that boring office wall, locker, or laptop over and over again. Turn a profit with your gallery and sell images which can be used in posters, prints, and greeting cards. Name your own price and receive a monthly payout.


Postagram: Take it old school and send your loved one a postcard with your favorite Instagram pictures and captions. At only $1 a piece these are a great alternative to birthday cards and greeting cards. The recipient can even pip out the image if they are so inclined.  Handy Android app makes it a breeze to order from your mobile device.