A Day in the “Android” Life

day_in_life“Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head”

– Lennon/McCartney

With apologies to the Beatles (and with the sincere hope that their team of lawyers have no issue with me adding “Android” to the title of the final track on the Sgt. Pepper album) I set out today to discover how often I touched my Android. I know I love my phone but do I really rely on it? How often do I use it? How many apps do I use? I had some ideas but I wanted to find out. I’m going into this hypothesizing that the over-under for touches and apps used should be set at 15. I’m betting the under.

5:30am – Touch 1 – Apps 2
Klaxon was one of the first apps I ever downloaded for my G1. I love the ability to “ramp-up” the music volume so I’m not musically hit over the head in the morning by a full volume Helter Skelter. Instead the music ramps up slowly so it’s more of a gentle nudge that I sometimes enjoy all the way through to Ringo’s complaint about his splintered drum sticks.
Have to give a mention here to Bedside Lite as well. Klaxon woke me up, but it was the app by Daniel Velazco that insured I got a good night sleep by dimming the screen and silencing my alerts. Sometimes it’s the simple apps that are the best; I love Bedside Lite.

5:45am – Touch 2 – Apps 6
It’s funny how routines don’t change but the tools or processes do. A tech savvy dad in the 1950’s (you know, the one that could work the radio transmitter and knew how to get the black & white TV’s reception to where it was least grainy) would wake up and read the paper. I can’t wait to take my kids to the newspaper museum when it opens up.

Them: “You mean people used to open up those large clunky pieces of paper and get information from it dad?”.

Me: “Yes dear, that’s right and they did it even though it meant getting all this nasty black ink on them”.

Them: “Ewwwwwwwwwwwww”

I wanted to catch up with whatever I missed while I slept but wanted to do it without the fingertip temporary tattoos, so I clicked on my CNN, Facebook, ESPN and of course my Android Guys widgets.

6:30am – Touch 3 – Apps 7
I’m blessed with a pretty short drive to work but I still like to entertain myself for the 15 or so minutes it takes me to arrive. I use Google’s Listen to check out the Adam Carolla podcast today.

7:43am – Touch 4 – Apps 9
AndroidGuys.com has a little blurb about Buzz Deck by Mippin. Intrigued, I go to Market and download Mobile Buzz. Nice and whets my appetite for Buzz Deck which sounds like an integration of their other Buzz apps into one. Hm, didn’t I write about the dangers of consolidated apps? Oh yeah, I forgot to DECLARE something that’s right. Oh well, I have a good feeling about Buzz Deck however and can’t wait to check it out.

8:43am – Touch 5 – Apps 10
I got a call. Didn’t answer. I’m at work after all!

9:34am – Touch 6 – Apps 11
I still see guys walking into the bathroom with papers tucked under their arm.  I’m a lot more discreet only carrying my G1 in my pocket and pulling it out at the right time for an exhilarating few games of Solitaire.  I pretty much rock, won’t lie.

10:24am – Touch 7 – Apps 11
Checked to make sure the volume on my phone wasn’t too high.  I already have the ringtones of my neighbors here committed to memory (an elevator musik style ditty for one, the T-mobile theme song for another and a classic beep for the third).  I would rather keep my ringtone to myself.  It’s set to vibrate so I’m good.  I had Locale set to do this for me automatically at one time but thought the overhead wasn’t worth the convenience.  So, it’s a manual check for me.  No app used but technically a touch, so I counted it.

12:11pm – Touch 8 – Apps 12
For whatever reason I don’t normally eat lunch.  I prefer to just clear my mind and walk around the block; I chill.   Always figured that I was burning up calories and assumed I was going at least a mile or so.  Thanks to SportyPal I no longer have to assume.  Today I went 0.71 miles and burned 68.59 calories in the process.  I also know that my average speed during my little jaunt was 3.64 MPH with a top speed of 8.08MPH!  Nice.  A very cool app.

1:23pm – Touch 9 – Apps 14
I used Astro to install an APK.

1:31pm – Touch 10 – Apps 15
Got a text about a meeting tomorrow here at work.  I have all meeting invitations forwarded to my gmail account so I can import them into my personal calendar.  Handcent SMS popped up to let me know my empty Friday calendar now has an entry.

4:20pm – Touch 11 – Apps 15
Got a call about dinner tonight for a very excited nine-year old!

4:33pm – Touch 12 – Apps 17
I emailed myself google map directions which I pulled up on the map app so I could get to the restaurant.  I listened to a John Legend CD using the music app and loved how KeepScreen kept the map on for me so I didn’t have to refresh it every minute while I drove.

4:46pm – Touch 13-14 – Apps 17
Texts and Phone calls begin to come in; “Where are you?”.  I secure a table and don’t expect to use my phone much over dinner.

5:05pm – Touch 15 – Apps 17
So much for not using my phone much!  I got an email that seemed important enough for me to reply so I did.  The birthday boy was busy with his presents anyway so I didn’t see a problem with sneaking this one in!

5:33pm – Touch 16 – Apps 17
A birthday call from Argentina.  It’s times like this that I really am in awe of technology.  We are sitting in a restaurant with animatronic gorillas and elephants and receiving a call wirelessly from someone in a country thousands of miles away.  My dad remembers when they installed the first street light on the road he grew up in and I’m trying to listen to my mom on this wireless device over the grunts of the pretend ape behind me; makes me wonder what my 9 year olds future holds.  Wow.

5:48pm – Touch 17 – Apps 18
I wanted to show my girls this youtube video about a soccer goal scored on a handball (which for those of you that are soccer-challenged is not allowed, generally).  These refs missed it and a fight ensued.

6:14pm – Touch 18 – Apps 20
I uploaded some pictures to Facebook using the official app.  Also tried using BFF Photo to upload a video.

9:33pm – Touch 19 – Apps 20
I click on Bedside Lite to dim the screen and was now ready for bed.

Final tally in what was a pretty normal day, 19 touches and 20 apps.  I picked the under which is exactly why I only go to Vegas for the shows; I can’t even gamble right when I gamble on me!  I’m going to round up and call myself a 20/20 guy, what about you?  Touches and apps you use and rely on every day; what’s your number?