A Google’s Favorite Place Near You

Fav. Place DecalGoogle is trying hard to develop tools and services that converting smartphones into a every day companion, instead of just a gadget that you use once in a while. This can be accomplished by turning the smartphone into location based friendly tool. This new service, Google’s Favorite Place, is exactly that.

Imagine that you’re out shopping and that you find a window decal, like the one bellow, on a store in front of you. You can then scan the QR Code on it and find everything you want to know about that place, including reviews and special discount coupons.  You can also store the location for a later review. All you need is the free Barcode Scanner app on your Android based smartphone.

Stree Favorite Place

This service, like the new feature from Google Maps we’ve mentioned before, can be a great way to turn the web into a true mobile service.

For now, this is still a US based service that counts with more than 100,000 of businesses spread across 9,000 cities in all 50 states.