Accessory of the Day: RAVPower Bolt 4-Port Rapid Charging Station [72% OFF]

As someone who lives in a household with multiple smartphones and tablets I find myself often fighting over a well-placed wall outlet. We’re often unplugging each other’s devices because the other person’s battery level is higher than ours. And when we have guests over? Forget about it.

The RAVPower Bolt 4-Port Rapid Charging Station alleviates the problem as it essentially turns one outlet into four outlets. The conveniently sized (3.5-inches) device features four USB ports, half of which are considered smart ports (2.1A). In cases where you have tablets or newer smartphones that can take quick charges you’ll appreciate having two at your disposal.

Put one of these in the kitchen and you’ll be good to go for whenever it’s time to use the tablet for recipes and videos. Set one on the night stand and you’ll be able to charge your phone, tablet, digital camera, or other gadgets at once.