Acer’s Early 2010 Roadmap Includes Half Dozen Android Handsets

acer-reveals-2010-android-plans-0As it stands already, 2010 will have a very Android green tint to it. Acer understands what’s at stake and has a plan to compete for a sizable piece of the pie. Roger Yuen, VP of Acer’s smart handset business in Asia, recently announced that Acer will ship five or six Android based handsets in the first half of 2010.

In a move that makes sense Acer will unveil the phones in three different price points, low-end, mid and high-end. Additionally, models will be aimed at both the business user and consumers. Early frustration with Android handsets revolved around high-priced phones and a “bent” towards the tech savvy professional. Acer, along with others, is reaching beyond those boundaries.

What about the second half of the upcoming new year for Acer and Android?

“We’re still evaluating the second half,” said Yuen.

I imagine the second half game-plan, in part, depends on the first half outcome. With anticipation and excitement for Android growing however it seems a safe bet to say Acer’s Android focus will remain through 2010.