Adobe AIR for Android Developers

In what could be a breath of fresh AIR, (pun intended), Adobe Systems today announced that their AIR platform has been opened up to Android devices.  The Adobe AIR platform will allow devs to publish ActionScript 3 projects as native Android applications (.apk’s) for installation on Android devices.

The AIR apps can be downloaded like any other application from the Market, or 3rd party sources.  This is good news for devs and Android users alike, as it is going to allow rapid development of some of our favorite AIR apps to our Android Handsets.  Because AIR is a universal platform, devs can reuse their current code to simply port their projects over to Android with very little tinkering.

You most likely use some different AIR apps on your dekstop or laptop, imagine having access to that program on your phone as well, and being able to sync that app with your info that you work with at home.  This is the power of AIR being opened up to Android.

Devs can sign up for the pre-release program now, but no word as of yet when the full AIR rollout will happen.