Advertisements in Google Android Applications

Just a couple days ago I was browsing through YouTube and came across a Google video about advertisements on mobile phones and suddenly a thought flashed through my mind like a rat on crack.
The thought I had was“What about advertisements in Google Android Applications?” That wouldn’t be a bad idea if implemented correctly. In the past I have had bad experiences with advertisements in mobile applications. Imagine using an application where every time you start and shut down the application, you are forced to view about 3 ads each time. That’s what I’d consider to be an annoyance that deserves a spot somewhere in the Guinness Book of Records.

Google could come up with an ad platform for Android developers. Developers could then implement ads in a way that does not annoy the user. Yeah I know you would hate to have advertisements sneaking around in your future Google Android applications, as would I. But let’s think about those developers who are not so keen on selling their applications. Wouldn’t they want to make a little extra dough?

Placing ads within applications could go a long way towards ending the system of selling software as we know it today. This could potentially make Google Android applications free, and I know we all love free.

Now since we all agree that advertisements in applications is a good thing, [just assuming you agree] let’s look at how developers could implement these…these…pests. Since we already know that forcing the users to view advertisements before using the product doesn’t work very well, we have to look at alternatives. Developers could implement ads directly into the application, so we will see ads while we use it. For example, playing a 3D racing game and viewing ads on billboards within the game. Perhaps contextual ads on the main menu screen?

There seems to be a lot of developers focusing on mapping applications and mashups. Ads could be placed at the bottom or corner of the screen so as to not conflict with the content being viewed.

As much as we may despise advertisements in mobile applications, they are something that we will not be able to escape. They’re already here and it will get more mainstream as the years goes by. All we can do is learn to live with it, and hope it does not conflict with the main content of the applications. Should it work right we users will be happy while developers laugh hysterically all the way to the bank.

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  1. “…Google could come up with an ad platform for Android developers.” “Could”!?!? You mean “will”. Adsense advertising, specifically location based AdSense advertising, is the only reason Android exists. It’s obvious that the closed parts of Android ( Yes, there are closed parts, it is not 100% open like OpenMoko is ) are the Adsense parts. It’s even in the Wikipedia entry:

    It’s entirely up to the cooperation level between the carriers and Google, but know this, there better damn well be a huge incentive for me, the Consumer, to use a phone with AdSense ads. I mean like free unlimited calls and text messages. Forced ads, out of context ads, etc. will be the buzzkill that sinks Android adoption.

  2. Advertisements in Google Android Applications…

    This is awesome! [media][/media] although the girl (i think behind the camera) kinda jar jars the video a bit with the screamingly loud, “oh no, it’s going to get me”:rolleyes:…

  3. I do not think that’s it at all, why would the closed source sections of Android be that of Adsense? Adsense will not be apart of Android phones, I don’t think Carriers will stand for that at all, it will likely do more harm than good. If there will ever be an Adsense program for Android then it will be for developers of Android to put ads within their applications if they so wish.

    On the matter of why Android exists, I believe it is to open up the networks so Google mobile applications can get a broader adoption and to not let Microsoft get a iron grip on the mobile landscape with their office products, just as they do on the PC. Advertising does play a role, but not on the phones themselves. I could be wrong

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