Air Penguin Drops out of the Sky, Onto Android

The last we had heard, penguins couldn’t fly.  Apparently someone didn’t notify the guys at GAMEVIL as they’ve just dropped their latest game in the Android Market, Air Penguin. Developed by Enterfly Inc. as part of the GAMEVIL Partner Fund, the game has players gliding, sliding, and flying through the South Pole, all while ducking seals, thin ice, and angry sharks.

Air Penguin takes advantage of the acceleromter and features multiple game play modes. If you happen to clear all 120 levels in the Story mode, check out the Survival mode for a whole set of new challenges. We like the high-resolution colors, fun graphics, score sharing, and unlockable goodies and suspect you will as well.

You can download Air Penguin for free on any Android device (some tablets) running 2.1 or higher.