Alpha release of SwiftKey X includes multi-touch functionality

If you’re a member of the beta group for Swiftkey then you likely already know this next bit of news – a new version of Swiftkey X is out and it includes multi-touch functionality.  Expected to only last two weeks, this Alpha version does remove some existing features of the keyboard.  The intent here is to give users something specific to focus on and provide feedback.

If you’d like to try out the next keyboard features from TouchType then we strongly advise signing up for the beta group. We’re huge fans of the way Swiftkey X learns our patterns, words, and typing styles and cannot wait to see this become a standard feature.  The Alpha is currently available  at: and includes a few known issues.

When using a physical keyboard, a prediction will not be entered when pressing the space bar
When using a physical keyboard, the capitalization don’t change when you press shift