Amazon TestDrive service to cease functionality, effective immediately

It appears that Amazon has finally decided that the world no longer has a place for its TestDrive Service, as the retail giant has announced that they will be pulling the service, effective immediately.

For those of you that might now know what I am talking about, TestDrive was a feature that was exclusive to Amazons Apps Store, that allowed you to test an app right from the web browser before you purchased it. A handy feature, perhaps, but Google takes a much better approach by allowing you a 15-minute test drive instead. This allows you to get a better feeling on how the app works and whether you like the app or not, as its a different experience using it on your actual mobile device than on your computer. It might also be one of the reasons that Amazon decided to end the service, as Amazon stated that they saw a decline in the actual usage of the service. No point in having something around if no one is using it, right?

Well, there is nothing to do now but bid the service adieu. For more information regarding the service and Amazons official press release, follow the link provided below.

Source: Amazon

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