Android Market Acting Up for Developers [RESOLVED]

android_market_bagThere is something happening on Android Market right now and it is a pretty big deal to developers. As owner of three apps (DroidIn, DroidIn-Lite and Hire*A*Droid) I’ve recently noticed that:

  1. Overall and current download numbers are considerably down.
  2. Number of reviews is about 1/3 down

Other people are starting to notice – there is discussion on Google Developer Groups and the Android Market forum as well as some noise on Twitter

What makes it even weirder is that my developer console (Android Market developer site) still shows old numbers which is probably due to caching.

Hello, I am the owner of LucanaTech, a company that develops software for Android.

The Android Market has been experiencing serious problems in the last few hours. Several developers (including me) complain that the download counts and the user ratings for some apps are not reported correctly. The download counts show much lower numbers than they should, and many ratings appear lost. We all hope Google is working to fix this.

No official word yet on what it is.  Any other developers experiencing similar issues?

UPDATE: The problem seems to be fixed.  Download counts and user ratings are back to normal both on the Developer Console and on the Android Market.