Android mirroring over Chromecast may soon become a reality

I’m assuming you’ve heard the name Koushik Dutta in the news lately? He’s the developer behind AllCast, the popular Chromecast app that lets you send pictures, music, and videos to your TV. Up until recently, the app didn’t work. A fix from Google un-broke Allcast, allowing developers to create their own apps to work with Chromecast.

Just today, a leak from Dutta revealed screen mirroring through Chromecast from his Android phone. It looks to be the easiest way to mirror your phone to your TV thus far.  The mirroring looks very laggy, but that’s to be assumed – that functionality isn’t even out to the public yet. We should see more strides in Chromecast development thanks to Google releasing its SDK to developers.

You’re dream of finally getting to play Flappy Bird on your TV may soon become a reality!

+Koushik Dutta