Android reaches 200 million activations, doubles in just six months

Today, during Google’s music event, Google’s director of digital content for Android shared the latest number of global Android device activations — and boy was it a doozy. In just six months time, the number of activated Android devices doubled from 100 million back in May, to 200 million! That’s pretty incredible, not surprising, but incredible. There are now 550,000 Android devices being activated every single day. Next time you’re out and about, look around and see if you can spot one. I can only imagine the spike that chart is going to take once the Galaxy Nexus finally hits shelves.

I’m certainly proud to be an Android user, and not only because it’s an amazing OS, but because of the irreplaceable community that comes with it. Here’s to Android, and here’s to us! Cheers!

Source: Android Central