Android Special Report: Is Samdroid the new Wintel?

When Windows exploded on the market back in 1985 (Who remembers 3.1?) Intel was there to hop on board and “Wintel” was a wonderful partnership, and the leading one for the realm of Windows OS.

Could we now be entering the age of Samdroid? In 2010, Samsung exploded, outselling HTC in their Android phones, and they aren’t seeming to slow down in 2011.  Check out some charts and figures after the break.

Flurry has shared with us some interesting statistics and graphs about Android over the course of 2010.

This first chart shows how many Android devices were activated in 2010 compared to 2009.  There was an 891% increase over the year. (53 Million phones)

In 2010, HTC was the leader of Android with the majority of the Droid series with Verizon, and with T-Mobile, having the G1 and the MyTouch phones.  Motorola had a nice chunk due to the original Droid with Verizon.

By Q4 of 2010, Samsung became the new giant in Android, and they have not let up as you can see from the graph. Finally, for the holiday season, Samsung exploded with the both the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S phone.