Android wearable SDK coming soon

‘Unofficial’ Google Now watch concept

Google bought WIMM Labs back in 2012 and there have been numerous rumors of a smartwatch, but soon it will all be unveiled. On Sunday during a panel discussion with John Battelle at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice president of Chrome, Apps, and Android, announced that the search giant will be releasing an SDK within the next two weeks to will allow third-party developers to create Android software for wearable computing devices.

Google may redefine the smartwatch or fitness band, but these Android apps from the SDK are said to not just be limited to a device for your wrist, but be used for many others as well, such as a “jacket loaded with sensors and powered by Android.”

We may soon see Google’s “vision” for the future of wearable technology, but Pichai also said that it may be sometime before any consumer products are available as there will be an extension period of collecting developer feedback from the SDK. Perhaps this will be similar to the way Google has been running its Google Glass Explorer Program.

via Engadget, CNET