Appreciate provides user unique, personalized app recommendations

Try as we might, it’s impossible to keep readers informed as to all the latest and greatest Android apps and games hitting the market.  Whereas bigger developers might have a built-in fanbase to cater to, smaller firms have a tough time getting in front of audiences.  The sad part is that there are plenty of titles that could go viral were someone able to give the ball just a little push over the hill.  Appreciate is an app and a service that aims to be the one who does the pushing.

Billed as “your Personal App Market for Android”, Appreciate is designed to help Android users discover new apps based on you and your tastes.  Users can connect via Facebook however it’s not required for a great experience.

Once logged in and using Appreciate, the app will deliver personal recommendations across games, trending apps, and other categories. And, rather than simply offering up a static list of titles, the app tells you exactly how much it fits with your profile.   As you might suspect, Appreciate gets better and more accurate as you involve yourself.

Should you find an app or two that you think deserves a little extra love, you can share them across email, Facebook, and the Appreciate network.  You don’t have to run an Android blog to help spread the word!

For a bit of added app insight, we definitely recommend checking out the recently launched Stats page.  Sign up for free and check out industry trends to see which games are getting more popular, which are losing steam, and other helpful details.  Curious to see if the most downloaded games are the also the apps we return to every day?  Want to see what handsets are most popular among Android users?  Appreciate has all kinds of wonderful information to dig through, with a number of filters to pare down results.