APPTEASERS: 15 Android apps and games you should know about (May 2)

APPTEASERS is a collection of apps and games that are new to Android, recently updated, discounted, etc. Whatever the case, we think they’re worth exploring and are willing to bet that many of you would enjoy a few of them.

We understand that we won’t get every single app that crosses our path but we hope to filter things a bit and pass them along to you, dear reader. What you’ll find below is a quick plug for apps and games, occasionally using the developer’s own words to describe the title.

Note that this column is not intended to be a list of “must have” apps but more of a random assortment of titles you might not already know about. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Google+ as we showcase different apps over there as well!


Dextr Email Beta

Why bother poring over your entire inbox of emails when only a select few people matter to you? Dextr, now in beta, seeks to clean up and beautify your email with a display filter not unlike Google’s Priority Inbox. Think of it as a whitelist for contacts and way to cut down the clutter. No, you don’t lose any emails and nothing is hidden, marked read, or archived. ($1.00)

Madman Drop

A slightly different approach to endless-falling games, this one uses ragdoll physic, power-ups, and customizable characters to keep you coming back. Clever, cute, and addictive, Madman Drop has leaderboards, achievements, and (best of all) a simple game mechanic. (FREE)


Beautiful Widgets

Available as a paid applications for the last few years, the widget app is now offered as a free client as well.  As you might expect, the free version is basic stuff however users can unlock additional features using in-app purchases. FREE



Updated just today, the app now offers a number of Pro features mostly centered around collaboration and teamwork. Details include assignments, eight brand new backgrounds and unlimited subtasks, an Action Bar (one click access to sorting, sharing, email and print) and more. Looking ahead, the developers plan support for files. ($4.99)


Killer Escape

What do you do if when you awaken in a prison cell and there’s a really scary dude standing in front of you? Find out with this free point-click escape adventure game full of puzzles and freaky graphics and sounds. (FREE)

Capelord RPG

Build up your character with weapons and magic skills and fight through missions that take place in the Middle Ages. Whether it be close combat or at a distance, you’re going to run into some trouble as you go poking through dungeons. (FREE)



Fast and furious arcade-styled game has you playing to beat the clock, matching and fusing icons as quickly as possible. Highly addictive and easy to learn, it’s really tough to put down. Earn some power boosters like Time Free, Tile Growth, or Tile Burn and tip the scales in your favor. (FREE)


Minecraft Photo Booth

Add a touch of 8-bit awesome to your standard photos with this Minecraft-inspired camera app. Overlay some of the more popular items and blocks atop your vacation pictures; Take your diamond axe to the beach! (FREE)

Last Message

This one runs in the background of your device and keeps an eye on your battery. Should you get too low, the app automatically notifies contacts via Twitter, Email, SMS or Facebook to alert them that you might not be reachable in the short term. Create a custom message and set it aside and rest easy knowing you’re friends and family will know you’re not ignoring them. (FREE)

Zombie HQ

Zombies are everywhere and you need to take them down. Well, you also need to build up the best darn headquarters around, too. Yes, you’ll need weapons and explosives, but you’ll also need to deck it out with awesome furniture and a hot tub. Be careful, though, those undead jerks are going to put you through a ton of missions. (FREE)

2020: My Country

You’re in charge of building up a futuristic metropolis full of content, productive citizens. A number of tasks and quests will help to unlock buildings and options as you hope to avoid natural disasters. Did we mention that you may run into the occasional dinosaur invasion or flood? Don’t worry, you’ll do just fine. (FREE)



Ever wonder where your time goes? Perhaps you wonder where you actually spent your time over the last few days, weeks, or month. This one runs in the background and keeps track of the time you spend in each location. Your position is determined by Wi-Fi and/or mobile networks and not with GPS, saving your battery life. (FREE)


Kingdom & Dragons

A nice balance of action RPG and kingdom building, you’ll choose between three different heroes with unique items and abilities. See how you fare against other players around the globe with Kingdom Battle mode and get those bragging rights. You’ll have plenty of missions to contend with and you various skills will come into play across all sorts of wonderful adventures. (FREE)

Shapes & Sound:The ShapeShooter

What happens when you combine old-school game mechanics of Rock, Scissors, Paper, with Asteroids? Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter, that’s what. Test your reflexes and skills with the incredibly addictive 2G game with minimal design. Better figure out pretty quickly whether triangles beat square and how circles fall into the mix. ($.99)


Modern Snake

Modern Snake is a -wait for it- modern take on the classic game of Snake. Very minimal design with vibrant colors, you control the directions in which the snake goes with a swipe or press of a button. Additional details include a two-player mode, fun sounds, and not one trace of an ad. (FREE)