Archos Announcement Next Month – Are Green Robots Involved?

archos_tabletAs much as I’d like to play with Android on a netbook, I personally more anxious to seeing mobile internet devices (MIDs) and tablets.  Next month, we might get to see the first of such from Archos.

An press conference is scheduled for June 11th in Paris, France.  Without directly saying it’s an (Android) tablet announcement, folks are thinking it is based on some possible clues.

  • Android green?  Check.
  • Faint image of media tablet?  Check.
  • Previous announcements regarding bringing Android to Archos devices?  Check!

Earlier reports have hinted at a 10mm thick tablet with upwards of 500GB storage.  Full specs have also been rumored to include Flash support, 7 hours video playback, and a 5″ screen.

Source: Pocketables via CrunchGear