Around the Androidosphere: CTIA Edition

androidosphereThere doesn’t seem to be a shortage of Android news any longer!  After going months with little to report on, action packed weeks like this one are what we’ve been waiting for!

Here are some bits and pieces from the CTIA trade show going on in San Diego that are definitely worth checking out:

Meanwhile, various sources that don’t have “Android” in their URL are starting to come around to the idea that our favorite mobile OS has more than a fighting chance:

  • Engadget Mobile was one of several sources reporting research that Android could jump ahead of every mobile OS except Symbian in usage by 2012.
  • Business Week looked at the partnership between Google and Verizon and concluded that “if it’s any consolation, Microsoft may not be the only one to lose out.”
  • And ZDNet offers “five reasons Google Android smartphones will beat iPhone, Blackberry, WinMo.”