AT&T Promises Gingerbread to all Post-Paid Android Smartphones Released in 2011

After the loss of their iphone exclusivity, AT&T was forced to re-think its business strategy. They lost many of Apple’s cult following to better providers and were left with a gaping customer hole to fill. So they did what any smart company in their predicament would do. They embraced Android! In came Android with its alliance of handsets along with its multitude of OS iterations. AT&T soon joined the many carriers who have fallen victim to the “we want an update” mob. They realized if they want to keep this Android community happy, they must update! Now in a first for carriers, AT&T has promised to make sure ALL of its Android smartphones introduced within 2011 receive the latest and greatest Android OS by years end (Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread).

Starting with the Motorola Atrix, Android 2.3 will begin rolling out to other AT&T devices such as:

  • HTC Inspire
  • LG Phoenix
  • Pantech Crossover
  • Samsung Captivate
  • Samsung Infuse

It’s great to see a carrier commit to providing its handsets and customers with the latest version of Android even if that carrier happens to be AT&T. This along with their promise to allow 3rd party downlaods on their handsets has me thinking the acquisition of T-Mobile has infected them with some sort of customer service virus. Be on the lookout for OTA updates (when applicable) within the next few weeks and pray that AT&T will continue this trend in future years.

Source: Android Central

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