“Awww, I just got Samsunged” [VIDEO]

Check out the video below to see Samsung’s latest “Next Big Thing” spot that should soon be hitting a television near you.  While it’s not all that different from other commercials running on TV right now, it does give us a new term to use for these types of situations.  The next time one of your Apple sheep friends look at your Galaxy S II with longing eyes, tell them they just got Samsunged.

According to an email we received this morning, Samsung looks to be readying something else for Super Bowl Sunday.  Our guess is that we might see a long-form version of these types of commercials, maybe something new.  Perhaps a little Galaxy Note thrown in for fun?

PS: Does anyone find it coincidence that the guy in the ad appears to be behind bars, much like a jail setting?  And he’s wearing the traditional black and white stripes… We certainly don’t.