Barnes & Noble Adds More Content to Nook App Store

Nook Color

Barnes & Noble, the world’s largest bookseller, has announced some new apps and colorful content for its Nook Color tablet. If you remember, back in April, Barnes and Noble released a software update to the Nook Color, which gave it access to games and apps. it looks like they’re expanding, with a host of new apps, magazines, and more.

There are dozens of new apps, like Fandango and Evernote. The newsstand is expanding as well, with full color, interactive issues of New York and Motor Trend magazines. The children are not left out in the cold, as there are more than 15 interactive NOOK Kids titles, including the popular Disney titles, Cars and Cars 2.

Jamie Iannone, the President of Digital Products for B&N, had this to say about the additional content:

Since we added our customers’ most-requested tablet features just a few weeks ago, we’ve had an amazing response, particularly to our growing array of popular apps that give customers the ability to do even more with their award-winning, best value Reader’s Tablet.

So, are you happy to see B&N’s app store expanding? Wish they would just incorporate Android Market support? Sound off in the comments below, or on our Facebook Wall!

Source Business Wire