The best Android device for taking selfies

The term ‘selfie’ hasn’t always been widely used, but its recent surge in use in social media has even seen it named as Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year 2013. The increase in popularity the use of selfies has seen has placed added focus on the quality of the front-facing cameras, which otherwise previously had been much of an overlooked feature.

Now selfies are arguably more important than regular photos for some, people are looking for a great front-facing camera, one that can capture that selfie moment in great detail, without pixelation, distortion, or noise.

So, here’s the latest Android smartphones money can buy ranked by the quality of their front-facing camera, and thus their suitability to be the perfect selfie taking machine.

So what do you think? What’s your go to device for taking selfies? Are you a big selfie taker, or prefer the traditional rear facing camera shot?

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