Best Buy gives us another possible Galaxy Nexus release date – sure, why not

My sharpie is starting to fade from marking up my calendar with all these possible Galaxy Nexus launch dates — but hey, what’s one more. A Best Buy inventory system image obtained by Engadget shows an In Stock Date of 12-11-2011 for the long overdue Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Does this mean the rumored December 8th launch is now off the table? Nah, but anything’s possible. Let’s not forget, this is Best Buy, you know, the same Best Buy set to sell the Nexus Prime. You’ll notice a lot of discrepancies and missing information on the inventory screen such as Street Date and device weight/size.

I have to admit, at this point, I really don’t care. My excitement for this device has fizzled and by the time it actually does launch, I’ll probably be broke from Christmas shopping, so it really doesn’t matter. Who knows, maybe Santa will bring me one — I mean, he does wear a red suit and all. Ho, Ho, Ho — here we go again.

Source: Emgadget