Best Buy’s Holiday Playbook Confirms Android Domination Set to Begin

best_buy_playbook_02We’re nearing that time of year where the Black Friday specials and company agendas start leaking out.  For a lot of families, this is many of them renew plans or switch carriers for something new or better.  This year, better means Android!

An internal Best Buy document called the “Mobile Holiday Planning Playbook” made its way into the hands of Boy Genius Report and it shows Android playing an important role in the coming months.  More confirmation and less “leak” it’s still nice to see stuff like this as the year winds down.

There are multiple Android launches across multiple carriers, along with new technology which doesn’t exist today.  Dates are not firm yet and these devices remain confidential, but stay tuned to employee news for updates.

  • Sprint HTC Hero – Presell October 11
  • Verizon (Android) -TBD
  • T-Mobile Cliq – TBD

Nothing super eye-opening here, but it at least shows us that Best Buy is aware of what Android is.  Now we need to get the masses educated.

The other page from the handbook reads more like statistics, figures, and planning.