Bitdefender’s Clueful provides insight into your Android apps


Bitdefender has released its latest Android app today, Clueful, as a tool for users to gain insight into their installed apps. Available as a free download, the app looks at a user’s apps to help them better understand how each deals with your information and/or privacy.


As Bitdefender reminds us, Android apps can do any one (or more) of the following things:

  • Leak your phone number, e-mail address, contacts from address book to aggressive ad networks or third-parties
  • Play audio ads while you’re on the phone
  • Spam you in the notification bar, even if not accessed
  • Send your password unencrypted over the Internet, a password that can be easily intercepted
  • Upload your calendar
  • Read your browsing history, which contains sensitive data
  • Read and send SMS with or without your permission, thus incurring charges to your bill
  • Intercept SMS
  • Make phone calls with or without asking for your permission
  • Monitor your phone calls
  • Upload your device ID. (This unique ID can be used by developers, advertisers and analytics tools to track your location or behaviour across more than one app)
  • Track your location and share it with third-parties
  • Access your photos

Of course not all of these are a surprise as some of them even list these things in their description. What’s more, the general Google Play installation process provides users with the details. On the other hand, we’re not gonna knock a free app that aims to help educate Android users.

[download_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”]Download Clueful for Android (Google Play)[/download_link]