Bizzy’s “Check Out” Feature Tells Friends Where You Were and How Likely You Are to Return

A new application hit the Android Market today, putting a slight twist on checking in.  Called Bizzy, the free application bills itself as a “personalized local business recommendation engine” which pools your preferences with others have similar profiles.  Once you begin to “check out” from the business you visit, your favorites are mapped with others and begin to adjust based on your liking and disliking of establishments.   The more you use the app, the more it knows you and can make recommendations that you’ll be happy with.  This includes places to eat, shop, or just hang out.  

Checking out is as simple as choosing between three emoticons: happy, meh, or sad.  Like the place a lot and plan to go back?  Hit the happy face.  Don’t think you’d ever go back or can’t picture yourself recommending to others, tap the sad face.  The “meh” face is there for those instances where it was good enough to return to but not overwhelmingly awesome.

Look for Bizzy in the Android Market today for all phones running 2.1 or higher.  For added convenience, we’ve embedded links for direct downloads!