Black Friday was kind to Amazon

Another Black Friday has come and gone and the buying season is officially in full swing.  While we wait to hear just how far the economy has bounced back (or continued to slide), we’ll be piecing little bits of information together to see what some of the bigger names are saying.  Amazon, for their part, appears to be pleased with the figures from Black Friday.

Without releasing hard numbers or statistics, Amazon has made it very obvious that their Kindle Fire and accompanying product line is doing quite well.  According to the company’s press release, the retailer sold at least four times as many Kindles this year as compared to last year.  Drilling down to the Kindle Fire, Amazon indicates that the Android-based tablet has been the top selling product for eight weeks in a row.  We can’t imagine this slowing over the next few weeks as word continues to trickle out.

While much has been said about the retail presence advantage for the B&N Nook Tablet, Amazon has quietly been offering the Kindle Fire in stores such as Best Buy and Target.  Both of those outfits seemed to be pleased with the way the Kindle Fire has been moving thus far.

We don’t expect to see any hard figures out of Amazon but things sound like they are on track to hit that rumored 6 million number this quarter.  In the meanwhile, you can read the tea leaves in the press release.

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