BlueStacks announces the GamePop Mini, a ‘Netflix for games’ service

Lately it seems that the inexpensive gaming console market has been growing at quite the rapid rate. Ouya, Project Mojo, GameStick, and Google are just a few companies developing Android-powered game consoles with the hopes of gaining your attention. As of this morning, we can now add BlueStacks to the ranks as they announced their newest console, the GamePop Mini.

gamepop mini image

The GamePop Mini is described as a console that’s bout the size of a pack of bubble gum, and free for users who commit to a 1-year subscription to its online gaming service — which is also called GamePop. When The Verge talked to BlueStacks’ CEO Rosen Sharma, they received a pretty simple answer to why the console is free: “We’ve said it before, but we’re working really hard to build a Netflix for games. We can’t do that if we don’t get subscribers. And we think people will be more inclined to give us a shot if they don’t have to pay for the console itself.”

The GamePop Mini will run both iOS and Android games, however official ship dates have not been released quite yet.  Details on hardware and other key factors are still a mystery, but we expect to hear more in the near future. So far all we know for sure is that the GamePop Mini will be available for pre-order beginning Monday, July 1st.




Source: The Verge