Bummed About Google Catalog Going to iPad First? Try TheFind for Your Android Phone, Tablet

In case you didn’t hear, Google rolled out a brand new tablet-optimized shopping experience yesterday with the announcement of Google Catalog.  Combining many of your favorite (Crate and Barrel, L.L. Bean, Lands’ End, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Williams-Sonoma) shopping catalogs, the catch-all application gives users one central place to browse,shop, and purchase items. High resolution images, videos, and a terrific UI (not a simple PDF scan) make for a great way to hit your favorite shopping destinations without leaving the couch. Unfortunately, it’s only available for iPad at this point. (Don’t get us started on why Google would not wait to offer an Android version at the same time.)

So what’s a fella to do in the interim? We suggest downloading TheFind to your Android phone or tablet.

Although TheFind.com has two separate apps for Android smart phones and tablets we’re talking specifically about Catalogue by TheFind.  This is app does a wonderful job of providing an experience similar to Google Catalog. With more than fifty catalog providers to choose from, the app lets users search for products, browse specific categories, save entire catalogs, and more. While it might not have the luster that comes with a Google-branded app, TheFind definitely has a great product built on the back of a solid platform.

The online presence crawls more than 320 million products from 500,000+ stores and the general shopping application for Android has amassed more than 100k downloads. As we see it, this app not only fills the void until Google Catalogs arrives on Android, but it’s a great title to have nonetheless. In fact, we’ve already added it to our 50+ Essential Android Apps for Back-to-School!