CabSense Makes Hailing a Cab Easier for New Yorkers

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission and Sense Networks, Inc. have announced the release of CabSense, an app designed to make finding and hailing taxis easier.  With this free application, users can figure out which street corners offer the most best chances of finding a cab based on the date and time.  CabSense provides the current location of the user as well as a few options.   If you find yourself in a part of the city with a relatively low number of taxis, CabSense will find and recommend nearby car services as well as provide an option to call a livery cab.

CabSense also features:

  • Radar View — A color-coded tool that points users to the highest rated corner nearby
  • Time Slider — Users can plan ahead and view the best corners to find an available taxi at a later time and day
  • Taxi Hailer — Once users find an available taxi, they can simply shake the phone and it will whistle for them

Grab CabSense for free out of the Android Market or scan the barcode below!

Scan to download CabSense