Charge your Android faster with Bench 2X

Have you ever felt that charging your Android device when attached to a computer or in the car is slow? If yes, the new Bench 2X Faster Charger Cable available from Pyramid Distribution may be just you’re looking for.

The New York-based company said that this unique faster recharge cable improves the electric current of a USB power unit, PC or automobile, up to 2,000 mAh.

Pyramid also makes a good point for its cable, saying that it’s almost impossible to actually increase your phone’s battery power if you’re using it as a GPS even while your phone is plugged in into your car’s USB port since it’s using more power than the power your USB port can supply, which is true.

The way that the Bench 2X allows you to charge your smartphone battery faster is with a switch that changes it from the normal mode, which sends data, to DouBBleTime mode that makes the it act as an its plugged into an AC charger and not only offers faster charging, but also is secure, so no data can be sent from the device.

The Bench 2X Faster Charger Cable is available in both black and white for $14.99 from Pyramid Distribution.

We’ll have a full review of the device soon.

VIA: Pyramid Distribution