Consumers Getting Nearly $900 in Free Apps Per Year Via Amazon Free App of the Day

We’re always hearing (mostly from competitors) about how “fragmentation” is hurting Android, but in reality, it’s this “fragmentation” that is providing vast choices to the Android consumer. One of those “choices” happens to be Amazon’s App Store. In the beginning, many Android users were wondering where the Amazon App Store would fit in and whether or not another “App Store” was necessary. Then Amazon announced its promotional “Free App of the Day” and Android users began taking notice. Before you knew it, everyone and their mother was downloading the Amazon App Store just so they could get the “Free App of the Day.” It’s now almost the only reason why anyone even uses the Amazon App Store and it’s this very mentality which prompted Android Tapp and its parent company AsSeenOnPhone Inc. to begin analyzing the Amazon App Store and its “Free App of the Day” program.

In a detailed report released yesterday, Android Tapp shows how Android consumers are benefiting to the tune of around $900 a year because of the existence of Amazon’s App Store. Not only is this statistic a wonderful positive effect of Android’s “fragmentation” but it shows us just how far Amazon is willing to go to gain customers. So are they gaining customers or are they merely shoveling out free apps? Let’s take a look at all of the key facts from Android Tapp’s report for some interesting statistics:

  • Amazon gave away more than 100 Android apps between 3/22/11 – 6/30/11, with retail value at $238.31.
  • In one quarter Amazon gave away $214.13 of the retail value worth of apps, if projected over the course of a year accounting for app price increases one could conclude ~$900/yr in savings for 365 apps. This translates into $71.38/month, $16.47/week in app savings or average cost per app of $2.36.
  • Even though many users come only for the free app of the day, 72.2% of consumers surveyed spend between $1-$10/month on Android apps.
  • The most popular app category Amazon has given away was Games at 57%.
  • 24% of apps offer “Test Drive”, Amazon’s test-on-computer option before you download an app.
  • Exclusive titles such as Angry Birds Rio, Chuzzle, Plants vs Zombies and Peggle launched on Amazon and are currently not available in the Android Market with the exception of Angry Birds Rio. (All exclusive app launches happened on Tuesdays)
  • Most consumers surveyed prefer Google Android Market over Amazon App Store; a whopping 92.4% to 7.6%.
  • More consumers surveyed are ‘Very Satisfied’ with Google Android Market App Selection and Ease of Purchase while ‘Satisfied’ with Amazon’s. However, more consumers surveyed were ‘Satisfied’ with Amazon’s Return Policy while less than half were “Dissatisfied’ with Google’s.
  • Many International consumers are upset Amazon App Store is only available in the U.S. currently.
  • Amazon users tend to rate apps lower than Google users.

We also conducted our own survey of our members to accompany very interesting conclusions and seeing evidence of how multiple competitive app marketplaces can benefit consumers. Even if customers only downloaded the free apps every day, it would be equivalent to what some pay annually to their wireless carrier; another perk for purchasing an Android phone or tablet.

Well there you have it folks! Next time someone is yapping to you about Android and “fragmentation” reach into your pocket and use some of that extra “fragmented” cash of yours to take them out for a drink and show them the light.

Be sure to check out Android Tapp’s “Amazon App Store Free Android Apps of the Day Savings Chart” below for a more visually telling story. Then check out their Amazon Free Android Apps of the Day List for a complete look at the apps Amazon has given away free.

Source: Android Tapp