Contest Your California Traffic Ticket with iTicketBust

Although this app is only geared for a small demographic of users we felt compelled to share it with you guys nonetheless.  California residents who find themselves on receiving end of a traffic ticket should check out the free iTicketBust application.   The idea is simple in that you send them a copy of your traffic ticket (image) and they see what kind of loophole they can find for you.  And, really, if they can’t get you out of the ticket, you are no worse off.  Oh, and… slow down, why don’t ya?

We have contested over 29,000 tickets and have helped over 19,000 people, just like you, contest their traffic tickets for dismissal. No other company has even 1/10th the experience that we have or can even come close to touching our success rate.  Over the past six years we’ve assembled a crack team of consultants who know the court rules and typical case scenarios inside and out. You may think your situation is unique but almost certainly we’ve helped someone in your exact circumstance before.