Create simple yet gorgeous gradient wallpapers with Mixt [App of the Day]

Looking to add a nice, minimal wallpaper to your Android and really dig the gradient effect? Today’s app recommendation makes that drop dead simple. No, we’re not talking about a bundle of predesigned wallpapers that somebody else put together. This free app lets you pick and choose the exact color combination you love most and set it as your own wallpaper.

Using Mixt is as about as straightforward as it gets: tap a circle and pick a color and then repeat. Set as wallpaper and you’re done! You won’t find the wallpapers in your normal setting; the app is accessed through your app tray.

Mix and match some of these designs with some fantastic minimal icon packs (like KooGoo, for example) and you’ll have an instant refresh for your home screen.

It’s free, easy as pie, and works wonders.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.massive.papaya.mixt’ name=’Mixt’ theme=’dark’ lang=’en’]