Customize your call screen with RingSkin [PRESS RELEASE]

Available from mobile app distributor Ubinuri, comes a bold new app for Android devices that makes communicating by phone more fun, more intuitive and more manageable.

RingSkin Pro for Android allows users to personalize their Android call screen; instead of the default Android call screen, users can assign photos to incoming callers so that, when a call comes in, a full-screen photo of the person calling – instead of just a simple ringing sound – will alert users of who is calling. RingSkin offers a comprehensive set of features that will change forever the way users receive and make phone calls on their Android.

RingSkin allows users to take images from their photo library and assign them to specific contact numbers. That way, when your phone rings, you have the option of seeing a high-resolution, full-screen image (the entire call screen!) of the person calling. Not only does this make answering your phone and calling your friends a lot more fun, but it means you can fully personalize your incoming/outgoing features, and have a new and improved method of screening your calls for safety.

“This is just such an intuitive, and even futuristic, app, because it makes so much more sense to see the image of the person who is calling you – and we noticed that so many folks talk about how dissatisfied they are with the conventional call-alert methods,” said company spokesperson Lena Kwon. “Now, you can use RingSkin to make sure that there is no confusion when your phone rings, or when you dial out. You see the picture of who is calling, you tap the picture of who you want to call, and it’s that easy. We’ve also worked quite hard to add several other features with RingSkin that make it easier to assign video ringtones – this is important, because you have to give the customers the flexibility to have everything they could possibly want.”

RingSkin comes replete with a full set of features to improve and enhance the overall experience of receiving and placing calls via Android. Aside from allowing users to personalize call screens with the perfectly hilarious image to perfectly suit friends and contacts, RingSkin enables the easy incorporation of video ringtones, as well, and comes with custom decorating features that mean you will never get bored while customizing your Android call screen.

In a time when there are always solicitors trying to get folks on the phone, RingSkin can be used as a method of increasing called ID security. Furthermore, in a changing world in which just about anything can be turned into a fun, engaging digital experience, there is simply no excuse for engaging in the same old boring telephone methodology when it comes to placing and receiving phone calls.

“This is the future,” said Kwon, “there’s no excuse for a drab, dull experience…not anymore. Not even when it comes to making, or taking, a phone call. RingSkin makes sure of that. You get to decide how the content is presented, thanks to RingSkin.”


  • Customizable incoming/outgoing call screen imaging
  • Many available default images, animation skins
  • Custom decorate mode
  • Movie/music video call screens/video ringtones
  • Full screen option
  • Tap and call imaging
  • Block-call capability
  • Slide/Button option
  • Assign screens to groups or individuals

Device requirements: Android 2.1 and above

Pricing and Availability:

  • RingSkin is available on the Android Market for FREE!
  • To unlock the Pro version, just tap on the ads from the “Settings” option and earn 400 points! You can avail RingSkin Pro without any additional cost!

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RingSkin is available through UbiNuri, a Korean mobile app distribution hub that has worked with hundreds of developers the world over. UbiNuri’s mobile ecosystem, by distributing important and useful apps like RingSkin, has been critical in making mobile apps more readily available to the Korean and world market.