CyanogenMod Drops RC on a Handful of Devices

Late last night, we got a late turkey day present.  The CyanogenMod team dropped a new RC for some lucky users.  Several new features have been introduced & I will touch on a few of them, for the full changelog, visit the changelog on github.

New lockscreen controls were introduced a few nightly builds ago & allow the user to unlock directly to the messaging app or to the dialer/phone app.   This can enabled via the Phone & Messaging option in CM Settings > User Input.

Another welcomed feature is the ability to create lockscreen gestures.  The user can configure the device to perform actions based on gestures from the lockscreen.  This is also configurable from the user input menu inside CyanogenMod Settings.

Overscrolling aka the bouncy effect you might have been missing has also been introduced in the nightly builds leading up to the RC release.  A new kernel, updated ADW Launcher & many bug fixes are what else you can expect in the latest Release Candidate.

Many thanks goes out to #TeamDouche & the whole CyanogenMod crew!  We often take these guys for granted, but its hard to imagine what life would be like without them.  Which leads me to this wonder, why are you still reading this?  Shouldn’t you be downloading & flashing the new CM 6.1 RC(x) already?!?!  Find it for your device on the CyanogenMod Website