Details emerge for 12.2-inch ‘Samsung Galaxy Note Pro’

A premium class “Samsung Galaxy Note Pro” could make its debut in early 2014, according to details recently picked up by PhoneArena. Reportedly, the device features a 12.2-inch display at 2560×1600 pixel resolution, a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, and 3GB RAM. What’s more, the bigger body will allow for a 9500mAh battery, something with which we take no issue.

That Samsung is working on a larger tablet should not come as a surprise; rumors of such an animal have been circulating for quite a while.

Samsung is allegedly working on multiple tablets and smartphones for the first half of the year so expect more leaks and rumors.

What’s your thoughts on a premium class tablet experience? Does the sound of “Pro” scare you off?

via PhoneArena