Dine without waiting for the check with Cover [App of the Day]

Dining in New York takes a turn for the good thanks to a newly released app for Android. Called Cover, it lets you pay for meals without waiting for the check.  What’s more, it also allows for splitting of your bill, alleviating the need for your waiter to divvy up two credit cards, cash, and a gift card.

Available for devices running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later, the app holds your credit card info in a secure manner. When you arrive at one of the growing list of restaurants with Cover support you’ll simply “join a table”. Ready to leave? See ya! No waiting for the staff to see you’re finished, no hanging around trying to calculate tips. You’ve got it covered.

The downside of Cover, we should point out, is that it’s limited to New York. We’d love to see this expand to other markets; the sooner, the better! With that said, there’s quite a few places you’ll find under the Cover umbrella, including restaurants in Chelsea, East Village, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Union Square, and Brooklyn.

For the full mobile dining experience, log in with OpenTable or Rezhound and reserve your next table.

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