Distimo: Android Market at 400,000 applications, growing faster

Distimo has a new blog post this week which provides a handful of interesting Android figures, most notably the total number of applications in the Android Market.  According to their calculation, there are now 400,000 apps from around the world.  Although this is not an officially recognized number, it’s a commanding statistic to be sure.  Check out a few other tidbits gleaned from the report!

  • Android Market topped 200,000 in April 2011
  • Android Market topped 300,000 in August 2011
  • Roughly 2/3 (68%) of Android apps are free
  • Android Market has around 100,000 active publishers
  • Each developer publishes an average of 4.1 applications, down from nearly five apps on average a year ago

Head to Distimo to read the full post and to learn more about how Android is faring as compared to iOS.  You can tell from the image above that Android is gaining fast on iOS, but at what rate?